Roselawn, IN ENDURO April 17th

Any Thumpertalk people going to the Roselawn Enduro on April 17th?

I tried to get some friends together but no luck...they all have other plans.

Anyway....I'll be there on my 99 WR400, I look like Mr. Clean (shaven head & vandyke) but with a beer gut

Got a blue 94 F150 4x4 longbed with a white cap.

look for me! :naughty:


Wow...not one response, I started this same thread over at and got like 10 responses in a few hours!

You Thumpertalkers are slacking! 4-stroke riders are doing this enduro!! :naughty::naughty:

Jerrit :D

I have never DONE, or even SEEN and enduro. They seem Kinda cool from what I've heard. But if you've ever seen me ride, you'd know racing is definately NOT in my future. :naughty:

good luck though. :naughty:

not i either, ive never raced a enduro either. im not fond of time keeping i just like to ride, and not have to worrie if im going to fast or slow when i get to a check point. i think i like a hairscrambles better. but who knows i might like enduro's. but i cant that weekend got plans already. you are right though we are slackers

Im not fast and this is my first race so I plan on taking it easy and enjoying the scenery! :naughty:



I didn't reply because I already did on DRN. like I said stop by.


Jerrit, I'll be there with a few other guys. I'm not sure whose truck I'll be in yet, but one of our group will have his big Fun Mover motor home. I'll look for your truck and your shiny dome :naughty: .

I ride Senior B (on a KTM 200 2-stroke), and I'll try to get on a minute with one of my buds who is also a B rider (on a WR250). Most of our group are A riders, and are waaay faster than me.

If you want to ride on our minute, we'll do the timekeeping for you. Or I should say the computers will. Roselawn is the only enduro on the District 16 schedule I haven't raced yet.


Thanks Brian, but I doubt I'd be able to keep up with a group of B riders....but I will look for ya in the pits and say hi.

Jerrit :naughty:

Believe me, Jerrit, I'm not that fast. The beauty of riding with someone faster is that you just have to remember to never pass them, even when they slow down or stop to catch time, and at least you'll never burn a check!

I'll try to find you after we're done and see what you have to say about this whole enduro thing!

Anyway, have a fun ride--sounds like your attitude is good! :naughty:


>--sounds like your attitude is good! < ones ever said that to me before.



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