How do I repack my TTR90 exhaust??

I'm going to mod my son's exhaust this weekend(yamahadudes PDF)...I can't find stainless steel scouring pads so I going to use aftermarket exhaust packing. Is it all pretty much the same stuff or is one kind better than the other?(Hopefully my local dealer has some in stock).

I'm going to drill the holes in the core and cut off the larger cone...can i leave the fan thingy and spark arrestor(small cone on the end i think) on or should i cut that off too?

How do i go about packing the exhaust? Is it the packing loose stuff or is it something you just wrap around the core?

It's all up to you on the removing the spark arrestor, you will obviously get a little more flow. As far as the packing goes just wrap it up hold it with a little bit of tape, which will burnout later, and slide it back together making sure the packing isn't bunching up at the top. That's it! now go ride!

what the heck is this packing yall speak off. i know my bbr pipe for my bike has packing. but does a stock ttr 125 have packing. my friend says his did.. did mine burn up or something

the stock pipes do not have packing in them like aftermarket ones do. aftermarket pipes use glass packing to help absorb the noise , the stock mufflers use baffles to quiet the sound which creates turbulence in the muffler and causes a restrictive flow, this is why you change the muffler from stock to aftermarket for performance reasons .

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