kx250f cdi rev box from ebay

so ive been seeing alot of aftermarket cdi boxes on ebay latley from these performace parts sellers...i saw one starting at only 90$ and no bids so i bought it..unfortunatly when i put it on my bike it doesnt even start, i put the stock back on and it starts up first kicki did this a few times switching back to stock and the new one but only the stock will work...BEWARE DONT BUY THEM ON EBAY

The 2 best cdi units out there are the Vortex from MTRacing.com or Pro Circuits.

thanks! I was considering one.

Vortex makes good cdi units, check them out.

ya i already know about vortex and jd racings from pro circuit, i just thought since it was 90$ it would be a good deal, doesnt work on my bike at least the guy claimed there is a better one made specifically for the 05 coming next week and he will send me one so i'll see how it works

Ok let us know how that turns out, if it is good maybe I will get one for $90.

i saw them but they never really sold so i never trusted it. but i did get a good deal on the carbon fiber case guard for a 1.25 i was the winner but it was worth alot more i just got lucky.

The stock CDI box changed from 04 to 05. I bought a used ProCircuit box off of eBay that was for an 04 and it did not work on my 05. At the time I thought I was being scammed but then the seller called me and explained that he made a mistake when he claimed it should work on an 05. He fully refunded my money and then some to cover the return shipping. Turned out to be the father of an up and coming pro rider...

Man I have had 2 pro-com engineering rev boxs and there new and Im having the same problem. I have to send the new one back and i got it today and my stock one starts on the first kick to. the aftermarket one doesent even fire up at all just thought i would comment on that to.

what does after market innitions do?

what does after market innitions do?

not sure what it does for a 250F but for my CRF50 it gets rid of the rev limiters and shit, and allows much more power to get unleashed.

wow hella 1 year old thread brought back to life...

well the JD ignition i run you can plug it in to the computer and change basically all the power of your motor and fine tune it, change the pick-up positioning, it also changes the ignition curve for more power everywhere

unlike crf50's our bikes acually need a rev limiter or our valves will be sh*t reall fast, thats why its not good to get the ones off ebay like i orginally posted 1 year ago ^^, all they do if lift the limiter which is a no no :ride:

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