Look at what I brough home last night


Any suggestions on what I should do as far as modifications of any sort?


congrats on the new scoot :naughty:

As for mods, what are you looking for? i.e. power gains low, mid, or high and how much do you want to spend? The cheapest mod for one of the highest gains is to get a cam, such as Hot Cam Stage 1...for just over $100 you get as big if not bigger gains than with a pipe.

Get rid of that stock POS chain, lube the steering head, swingarm linkage and axles, check the spokes (don't forget, they're always lose!), check the valve clearances (don't forget the decomp) & change the engine oil and tranny oil.

That should keep ya busy. I would do all of that before anything else. Keep on ridin'!

the only performance thing i have done is the boyssen accelerator pump cover. awesome pick up. makes a world of difference. rad braces would be good. and yes get rid of that stock chain. you could probably almost stretch it by pulling on it by hand :D also put anti seize on the shroud plastic bolts that go into the gas tank. i had one seize on me, it twisted inside the gas tank, tank leaked, :naughty::D it was a disaster. Honda ended up giving me another tank but it still sucked. congrats on the new bike :naughty:

Put a dab of low strength loc-tite on the Seat guide bolt thats under your seat attached to your tank. (the big black philips head thing) Anti sieze the chain adjuster bolts. Check the air presuser in the tires, mine came from the factory with 40psi. in them!! do everything mentioned above, and you will be good to go!! :naughty: Be carfull..............She's FAST

rad braces would be good.

good point on the Rad braces, this definitely should be the first add on, these radiators fold easier than tin foil...I learned the hard way. I thought, these CRF clowns must be crazy and are just hard on bikes, I don't need no stinking guards cause I've had many bikes before that I've wrecked on and never smashed the radiator. However, I found a smokin' deal on WC braces and figured I'd at least stick those on...but those didn't help when my front end washed out in a corner and the rad folded from the side impact. :naughty: So my advice is to get a full Rad Guard that protects front and side impacts, such as the Flatlands or the Devols with built on braces. Better to pay the $60-$80 now then to pay for a new radiator ($100+) a few months later. :naughty:

Whats up with the handle? CRF230?

If I were you...Id just ride it the way it is...for a long time...or spend the money on some advanced instructional tutoring.

Im a mid pack vet intermediate and I am saving up for some "quality time" with Marty Smith.

New chain, aftermarket fuel screw, and grease. Maybe a gripper seat.

NORCAL hit the nail on the head!! if you need more power on that bike Honda should be paying YOU to ride it,jmho

Congratulations on the new bike! Man, there's nothing like riding home with a new bike in the back of your truck, huh? The only thing maybe better is getting a crate bike and being the first eyes to see it since a Japanese factory worker sealed the box! :naughty:

Again, congrats and enjoy! :D:naughty::D

Drill some holes in it. Like feetupsliding did..

Drill some holes in it. Like feetupsliding did..

:naughty: I put the drill away when I had a look at some of those pictures..

Thanks for the comments. Ill be buying a heavier flywheel to ease out the hit (I'm no fast mx rider) and get my self some radiator guards as well.

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