Waiting on Ironman Sprockets

Anyone still waiting on thier backordered sprockets (counter sprocket)..geez I ordered mine on 1/31/05 thru Motosport outlet and keep checking and they are on backorder still. I have about wore out the stockers but thought I had plenty of time when I ordered them after buying my bike in mid January. Anyone else still waiting? Must be quite a demand for them.

Yeah, my friend has been waiting for about the same amount of time for his 48t rear. Finally gave up on the 48 and got the 49. I guess they are just out of certain ones, but have been out for a while.

I've been waiting for about 3 weeks for mine. I am also waiting for the Boysen cover.

Maybe you should shop somewhere else..... :naughty:

It seems everytime I order something from motosports outlet they are out of stock and it takes forever for them to get it to me. Not planning on ordering from them anymore.

If I had to wait 2 1/2 months and my aftermarket parts still were not in, I would either shop somewhere else or buy something else.

Finally got the 50T IronMan Sprocket. Guess I will ask next time if they are on backorder and look elsewhere. Ordered 1/31/05 and at door on 4/15/05. Ouch! :naughty:

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