XR100 clutch cable mount

I bought a 96 XR100 that was a partial basket case. The clutch cable stay, that is mounted to the upper motor mount bolt, is on the inside of the frame. Is this the normal location? I worked on a few older XR80's and remembering this being located on the outside. It doesn't affect the operation of the clutch. But it does make it a bit of a job taking out the slack at that point.

That's the standard position on the xr100's that I've had (2000 and 2002). On that mounting bolt there is a spacer on the left side, then the engine mount, then the clutch cable stop, then the outer frame mounting tab.

Thanks. There wasn't a motor mount bolt in either of the rear mounts on this bike when I got it. Cable mount was still in it's place. Just scratched my head remembering eailier model XR 80's had it on the outside.

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