Preventive maintenance

Are these the right part numbers?

plastic oil pump drive gear: 16331-29F01

plastic water pump drive gear: 17461-29F00

Is the dealer cam chain any good or does anyone know of a source for a stock size DID cam chain and a p/n?

I am planning on doing my clutch and while I am in their I am wanting to replace these gears and locktiting many of bolts.


There is another dealer who is a member at z400central who can get you the DID cam chain.

Thanks for the answer on the DID replacement 3/4 cam chain, now does anyone know about the part numbers being good?

I’ve always been told, loctite in Motor = bad, this coming from my brother who was a BMW mechanic for years before going back to school and getting a masters in engineering, so I trust what he says...also if you do use loctite make sure you get the two surfaces really clean, use brake cleaner, because loctite cures one surface to the next and it the is dirt or oil in there the loctite acts more like a lubricant than a locking agent

The best bit of preventative maintenance you can do on a bike is:

BUY A DRZ400 :D:D:D:naughty::naughty:

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