I wonder if the manufacturing alliance that Suzuki and Kawi developed a couple of years ago has cost them in the brand loyalty department?

I understand the business philosophy, but I can't help but wonder if brand loyalists were not turned off by it? Just curious.

no I love Kawasaki's but I also like Suzuki I own a 1999 KLX 300 dirt bike and my dad and I own a Suzuki Ltz 400 Quad. They are both great bikes and I have always had exceptional service and quality with both my bikes. I would buy a kawasaki or a suzuki again before I would buy a Honda or KTM or Yamaha. I have seen problems my friends have with alot of those other brands like starting problems or other things even on a new one and neither of mine had any problems with starting or anything so maybe i am lucky but they are good brands. :D:naughty::naughty:

I love them both. Saved me from buying a KLR650 with my new kawicard.

The KLX/DRZ was a one year wonder for 03, that was interesting.

Would have been cool for them to at least share the SM in green.

Maybe it hurt KLR250 & 650 walk in sales too much for Kawi in 03...?

Go Kawazuki. I can root for bubba & rickey.

i dont understand how somebody can like kawasaki and not suzuki. i saw a suzuki 125 next a kawasaki 125 (both 4-stroke playbikes) and they were the exact same thing.. plastic and the shock spring were the only two things i saw different (and that was just color) :naughty:

I dont think its hurt them one lil bit.....................g

10 Kawasaki Products in my garage From Jet-Skis to Quads.

2 made by Suzuki...KLX 400 and KDX 50

2 made by Kawasaki for Kawi and Suzuki under the Manufacturing Alliance Agreement...KX250Fs.

It's a Very Good thing when BOTH companies can improve segment-count and unit-sales.

BTW....What's the most successful 250 Four-Stroke in MX racing?

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