Help CRF450R

I bought a 05 CRF450R a few days ago and went riding yesterday. I'm only about 135 pounds and I made the front suspension as soft as it would go with the clickers. It feels fine off of jumps but when I'm going down hill with a bunch of little bumps, it shakes me around the the suspension of my CRF230. Would you guys suggest me sending my suspension to some one or getting a different spring. I was also looking for that spring rate calculator some one had posted about a while back. The one where you tell your weight and what kind of riding you do. Any suggestions?

defintly your really light im 165 and im going too send mine out too get diff springs i have mine pretty soft on the clickers and it still needs too be softer soo u defintly need too

You should be able to just get springs and be pretty good. Ive never set one up for a guy as light as you, but Id venture a guess at .42 fork springs and a 5.2 or 5.3 rear spring. Dont take my word for that though unless you can get the springs for free.

Hey check out and put in your info and it will tell you what springs you should run. You will be surprised at the results. this will give you a starting point and I would then find someone local or someone you can call and talk to about how you ride and what you want. It was the best money I have ever spent on a bike changed the springs front and rear.

Make sure that the suspension is broken in before you make a lot of changes. The friends of mine with 05 tell me that it took between 6-10 hours of MX riding to get the forks to break in.

ya...I will definitely wait a few more rides before I start making any decisions. Just wanted to get a feel of my options. Thanks for the suggestions!

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