Want to trade RG3 clamp bar mounts

RG3 has two different bar mounts for their triple clamps. One mount puts the bars in the stock position. Their other mount puts the bars 4mm higher and are offset (front to rear) 3mm so you can go 3mm back or 3mm forward of the stock position.

I have the mounts that are taller and offset and while I prefer that for MX it looks like I would rather have the stock position ones for Supermoto.

Does anyone want to trade their stock position bar mounts for my taller offset mounts? For oversize bars by the way.

Yeah I'll trade you my stock tripple clamps for the RG3's :naughty:

If you want to sell these let me know because I'm wanting a set for my 05 450.

Don't want to sell the clamps, just thought I'd see if someone wanted to trade bar mounts before I go out and buy a set.

I've got my stock bar mounts. Will they fit in the RG3 holes?

edit - Ooops, I think I just figured it out. You need RG3 stock position bar mounts.


Please drive through.

I have the stock postion oversized that I'd trade for the offset.PM me...or email me at mtbstuff@yahoo.com

Sent you an email

Emailed you a couple days ago... haven't heard back yet. Still interested? :naughty:

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