Mounting Scotts Stabilizer and Computer

I have a 04 WR 450F. I am using an 03 YZ top triple clamp - that way I can remove my headlight (before I break it) and use a YZ number plate. I also have Scotts stabilizer and trail tech computer.

Does anyone have both the stabilizer and computer on their bikes? I am curious if there were any problems with room (such as against the number plate) by running both? Scotts recommends rotating the stabilizer 180 degrees but still not sure if that will give enough room.

Thanks for your input.


I have both mounted on my WR450, and there are no clearance issues with the headlight, not sure about a YZ number plate. Seach in the WR forum, I asked a similar question a couple months ago and a couple TT'ers were kind enough to post some photos of how they have theirs set up. Not sure if that will help, but should point you in the right direction.

I have an 04 YZ450F that I have the scott's mounted 180 degrees as you mentioned. I have the ICO computer mounted as well. No problems at all.

I have the ProTaper top clamp.

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