MOOSE After-Market STATOR now available for the DRZ400

Another new find...

In the new DennisKirk Catalog...

PG. 723

MOOSE Item No. 20-1202

DRZ400 02-05

200W High-Power 3-Phase replacement stator.

PRICE $149.95

That's less than half OEM price...Should save some

bucks for people here in the future when their stators fail... :naughty:

when their stators fail :naughty:

IF would not have scared me as much :naughty:

thanks for the info.

DRZ400 02-05


What's the difference between the 00-01 and the 02-05?


If this is a 200W..What is the stock one? And does anyone make one bigger than 200w?

In the TT store for $139.95! :thumbsup:

Not so new info. I bought a Moose stator from the Thumpertalk store 2 years ago.

since the thread is 3 years old i dont think any one claimed it was new info.

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