big bore kit

i was wondering how much faster the big bore 150cc kit will make my bike



not sure.. i really hope to get one this summer (or my brother does.. im getting a 250f) i don't think it gives too much more top speed but you probably get a lot more grunt every where :naughty: which i could use more then top speed since all i do it trails

what bike are you puttin it on? the big bore kit does make a difference from what i hear!!

im putting it on a 2004 TTR125L


i belive i will just make the bike preform a lot better.... sprokets change speeds....

ya sprockets, exhaust, big bore kit and you will be haulin a$$!!

I just did another ttr 125 with BBR 150 kit bbr carb bbr pipe and air filter along with shaving the flywheel!!!It makes a BIG difference and while it is faster on the top (I went down 4 teeth on the back) I think its the punch that makes it so much fun!!BBR say it gos from 7 horsepower to 15!!!!With a 60 lb kid on it he gives the 85's a hell of a time!!!! :naughty:

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