I am a big guy and would like some help in finding somewhere to purchase suspension that will hold up to my weight. I am about 280 with riding gear, I know that the stock suspension is for someone around 200. I just need to know where to buy new springs and which ones to buy. Any help will be helpful. Thanks.

Check with a few suspension shops to get their opinions, but I would think you'll need .47kg or .50kg front springs with an 11.5kg rear spring, all of which you can buy through the TT store :naughty:

Thanks for the correction on my typo frankstr!

Hey, qadsan, Not to step on toes but that 17kg seems a little soft for the front springs, Don't it... :naughty:

No problem, qadson ......................... :naughty:

I'm a big guy also, and put off having the suspension done for too long...what a mistake!

I recomend not just changing springs, but have the whole re-valving package done, frt & rear.

I can tell you because the stock bike setup is so far away from my weight, the results from the suspension work blew me away, I had to re-learn to ride, and it also made a huge difference in turning.

Don't just go for the springs...

I recently had my suspension done on my 650L. I went with the .50 front and 11.5 rear and revalve. It makes a world of difference :naughty:

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