Road riding an XR

Right, I've been without a bike since Sept :naughty: and am dying without one.

My mind keeps getting tainted by various sportsbikes but I know I really want a supermoto. Last bike was a TDR250 and loved it apart from the worry of it exploding. The only thing stopping me from buying an SM is my $$$ status.

How would riding an xr on the road be in standard trim? I would eventually look to get SM rims etc but I cant afford it in one go.

Have you guys had any experience?


In my opinion and experience you don`t need supermoto rims to keep up with other bikes in the twisties...(i regularly zoom around twisties with the likes of WR450 Supermoto`s ....can not only stay with them but can well beat them at a standing start)just gear your bike,eg mine has a steel back sprocket at 38 and 15 Acerbis big 23l tank(though not essential as you`ll find fuel anywhere in UK 24hrs per day...budget for about 100kms))...apart from that I take mine on road runs around the twisties and on the autoroute where I can cruise at about 80-85mph(with this gearing it`ll top out at 185kms/hr on the speedo)....I run Metzeler Sahara Enduro tyres with great wear and grip and at a good price of £49 for the rear....if on a budget try the sprockets first then the tyres and check ebay for a big tank....

What you will find is that on a long journey your bum gets sore as the seat is hard...but I just ride along for a while standing up....or when you stop for fuel take a wee rest...I rode last April from NIreland to the MX GP in Holland and on through to Germany...was able to stay with a GS BMW LC4`s\Dukes (when they had to stop to get the feeling back into their numbing vibbie fingers!!!...of course my fingers were all ok with no vibration...just shows you the difference in the single cylinders)......

I ride a 03 XR650l in dual sport trim, and it cruises the freeways fine at 80-85mph. And can go on any trail I point it I am happy.

Supermotos look like a real blast, But I would hate to lose the hill climbing, trail busting and bump jumping offroading that my pig can encounter.

If I was gonna get a Motard, I might just buy a brand new Suzuki...

This bike looks SIC' in black and just around $6k new...should be very low payments of around $130 or so a month. didnt work, Details:

2005 DR-Z400SM

How's this for a red-hot combination? Take the incredible versatility and performance of Suzuki's renowned DR-Z400. Mix in street-legal capabilities and unmatched handling. Then add a double shot of aggressive Suzuki styling and attitude. The result is the new 2005 DR-Z400SM.

For exceptional performance on the street, the DR-Z400SM offers remarkably smooth performance, along with a rush of torque across the powerband. For crisp handling, it features a lightweight, compact design, complemented by advanced suspension front and rear, including an RM250-derived inverted fork.

The new DR-Z400SM Supermotard. It's the definition of extreme performance -wherever you ride.

2005 DR-Z400SM

MSRP: $6,099.00

Mine does fine on the road with stock rims and handles better than the sportbikes. I think I had mine up to about 80 mph and felt like I still had some left and thats with a 14 tooth front sprocket so im sure with a 15 it will do close to 90 no problem. I kinda wish It had a tach so I can tell where i am at rpm wise. Just a warning it can be a little scary when its really windy out I can feel the wind actually pushing me to one side somtimes. :naughty:

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