Top end seized up!!

Hey i have a question i got my bike back from the dealer the other day they were fixing the exhaust cam shaft becasue when i did my top end i used 104 inlbs trusting my manual and ended up overheating the exhaust cam and making it to tight to turn the engine over. anyway the dealership said that honeing out the whole where the cam sits would pix the problem, i didnt really like the idea but went for it anyway becasue i didnt want to but a new head. got the bike home it wouldnt kick start but it popped and i let it idle for a few minutes turned it off let it cool down for a hour and the motor was seized!!!! i really think it is that exhaust cam but im not touching it. Do u think they will fix it for free and if anyone knows how much does a new head go for? also when u kick ur bikes is it fairly easy cause when i got mine back it felt like it ha no compression

huge head ache i just wanna ride

thanx alot

nate #49

A new head cost about 350-400. i would take it back to them and tell them to fix it, that really sucks man.

Are you saying the manual is wrong? Or did you make a mistake when you did you top end?

{89 in pounds} i did a search on this same thing

the manual IS wrong.

the 05 rmz manual (i read it myself) says to use ft/lbs!!!!

talk about snapping those bolts off nice and clean.

should be INCH/lbs

104 in lbs is tttooo much. use the 88

Buy a 2005 head, if you need a new one. It runs a lot better due to flow changes. 84 INCH POUNDS MAX on the cap !!!!!

the 04 and 05 heads are *NOT* interchangeable.

ie, you can't put an 05 head on an 04 cylinder and vice versa.

somebody that should hear the words "YOU'RE FIRED" from Donald Trump made the brainiac move to totally change the way the 2 bolts/nuts on the left side mate up. so to use an 05 head on an 04 bike, you *MUST* also use an 05 cylinder.

SUnruh is right, my 2005 manual has a bigtime typo on the InLbs versus FtLbs thing.

I read something like this back when I did the valves on my 04. I torqued them to 104 in/lbs still. How do you know the manual is wrong for 04? I know the 05 manual has the ft/lbs typo. But who knows if they changed something in the head that allows the cams to be torqued less. 15 in/lbs really is not that great, your torque wrench could be off more than that.

I guess a person could use plasti-gauge and see what clearances the 104 inch/lbs creates, and then re-do the same test with 88 inch/lbs and see what kinda clearance differences there are.

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