So can I make it Street Legal in Cali?

I have heard so many different things from dealers and, and friends. So what is the deal with making a green sticker bike, street legal in cali. I have a 99 WR 400f and I was told that I can still make my bike street legal. Is this true? I looked at the DMV site and they say that anything 2004 or up will not be allowed a street legal registration. Someone who knows the real deal, please tell me whats up. THanks all.

2003 was the last year that you could grandfather in the older bikes. A law will have to be repealed for you to get your green sticker bike registered.

Take it over the border to AZ and get it titled there, that's about your only reasonable solution. I bought mine already plated out of state and transferred it to CA

To register your bike in California you missed the boat. As of 2003 they changed the laws regarding dual registration (green sticker and street). However I have seen some people with AZ plates. I'm still trying to get more info but people have gotten AZ plates, titles and never had to set foot in the state. They actually use the ca dmv to do the leg work for them for a small fee. Call the DMV office in Chula Vista CA.

aslo check out baja designs website.

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