Wanted: Stock muffler for CRF 150

I am looking to buy a stock muffler for a 2003 CRF 150.

I am willing to trade the BBR muffler that came with the bike.

It is too loud.


Hey did you already get rid of your exhaust. I have an 04 Im not sure if it will fit your bike.

Right from the BBR Website:

Applications: 210-HCF-1501 Exhaust System CRF150/230F (03-05) (Gold Muffler)

hey Im in New Jersey, Id be willing to trade mine. Send me a PM if youre interested. :naughty:

my stock is from a crf230 but correct me if Im wrong, I believe they are the same :naughty:

they are the same

thought so. Im willing to trade, Im not putting that heavy corked up thing back on there. :naughty:

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