Another newbie with performance questions

I have been riding for the better part of two years and consider myself a good rider. I am mechanically declined and know just enough to change the oil and air filter. I have been looking to get more torque out of the bike for some time. I bought a ridiculously low priced full system exhaust (white bros. Aluminum - $350 - motosportoutlet) this week. I should probably try riding it without jetting to see what happens. My question is, what am I looking for when I ride with my new exhaust? Should I pay attention if it smokes, bogs down, runs hot? What else? Should I jet the carbs if only I have problems?

I searched and did not find the answers I was looking for….thanks in advance.

Changing the pipe wont make it smoke or run hot. Depending on the exhaust you will probably have to rejet. Just ride and look for bogs or backfires, if it does that then you need to rejet. Good luck. BTW that is a really good price on that system.

rejet anyway, did the pipe come with jets and or jetting instructions? The pipe should have a jet reccomandation. but ya, if it back fires or runs differently, re-jet.

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