Hot cam for my bike????

Hey, i havent been on here for a little while!!! But i have been looking around for a Hot Cam for my bike and as yall know its an 87 XR 250 with 280 bore kit and xr's only exhaust and uni filter and little other extra goodies.. YALL think i need to get a cam?? i want one.. Do any of you knwo where i can find some? thanx

Hot Cams doesnt make a cam for any XR250 before 96. There are other brands of cams available, but most are hard weld and really need hard welded rockers even if they say they work with stock rockers.

Fix your oil leaks first. LOL Also where is my money for the chain and sprokets. LOL

Haha good point YoungGun...fix problems before upgrading. Smokin, if your rocker arm cover is still cracked my friend has one I'm sure he would be willing to get rid of. Let me know and I'll ask him.

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