Drz400e Jet Pilot Question?

I have an 02 E model that I just finished the snorkel removal and replaced the main jet w/ a#165. Seems to run strong but was wondering how much difference it would make going from a 45 to 48 pilot jet? Seems to be more power in the mid and upper range after snorkel and mj mod. Also has anyone tried the FMF Q is there anymore power advantage? Wish they made a bigger spark arrestor tip for the factory exhaust....

Little bit more power with the Q but not huge! Overall it does sound better though than the stock and is still relatively quiet....sounds like it breathes better.

I ride at sea level to 3,500 ft. and I'm running a 158 main with a 40 pilot, although I removed the coast enrichener and am real happy with my setup!

If it runs good with the 45 piloit - don't change it. Just adjust the fuel screw. 165 main is probably too big. Try a 158. If you still have the stock DXP needle, set it on the 5th notch (from the top)

A 38 or 40 pilot jet only works with other carb mods. Like removal of the CE and change the pilot air jet to coordinate with the fuel jet.

Thanks for the info guys. Will probably leave it for a few rides then check the spark plug :naughty:

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