mcgrath 96 cr250 practice bike

anybody have any input on the bike i just bought on ebay. it is titled to mc. it has kayabya forks instead of orig stock showa. has honda racing ignition cover and clutch cover. i dont know if it has any motor work. any picks of the 96 race bikes would be nice. i would also like to buy the large 96 honda mc poster from honda if anyone has one.

You got any pictures to show us????

Well I'm sure it's a sweet ride, 96 was the year Mcgrath went almost undefeated in Supercross. Are you sure it's really McGrath's and not just a copy?

Also a link to the auction would be helpful in assesing your purchase.

item# 4538011228 and it is titled directly to mc.

Sounds like it might be legit. At least it is in Elsinore where MC lives. Would be nice if the seller took a pitcure of the title with MC's name on it.

So you already bought this? Didn't you request some sort of proof that it belonged to MC first?

You out bid yourself by $750.

You out bid yourself by $750.

How do you figure he out bid himself? Looks to me like he set his price and ebay proxy bid for him everytime another bidder tried outbid him...........

I believe he used the 93' chassis, a sweet bike indeed. I think the older CR's have KYB's on them. I know for fact the 95 CR250 has KYB stuff...

Hi, I'm not trying to be a wiseguy but why not ask him? I haven't been there but his website is I believe. He may or may not know too much about the mechanicals of the bike. Anytime I've had to talk or deal with most of these guys, they're really decent people.

You out bid yourself by $750.

He was bidding up to find the reserve.

I think you mean it has Showa and not stock Kayaba? It has a Showa sticker on the forks anyway.

sdub, I don't know what it was stock. But if it was Showa stock, and Mcgrath put Kayaba's on it. Wouldn't Honda want him to leave the Showa sticker. Just my 2 cents

the reserve was 5000. i had to outbid by 750 to hit the reserve. i will try to email mc thanks for that is a real good idea. i just wonder if he is to busy to talk to losers like us.

If it is his bike than its sick but, isn't 5,000 a large price to pay to find out? I mean after all it still is a 96 CR250...

sdub, I don't know what it was stock. But if it was Showa stock, and Mcgrath put Kayaba's on it. Wouldn't Honda want him to leave the Showa sticker. Just my 2 cents

:naughty: I don't know? Doesn't Honda own Showa or most of Showa or something? Honda's have had Showa and Kayaba on them over the years. Plus this was just a practice bike if it was anything. So, I guess the stickers mean nothing as you say anyway. I just hope that it WAS McGrath's practice bike at some point for crf269's sake.

5 large for a 1995 CR practice bike? Ouch, double ouch.

if this bike really does happen to be a practice sx bike for mcgrath then why does it have such a big tank ?

A 96 CR250R came with Showa suspension front and back. The tank just was shaped that way.

you guys think 5000 is to much? it has honda works fork and shock and honda motor work. it is in mint condition and it does have a title in mcgraths name. it is in showroom condition

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