should i buy a 05 crf450r

I have a 03 450f right now. Is the 05 that good. I haven't had a chance to ride one. I rode a 05 250f and it was great.

Just wondering if I should dump the money.

Don't walk RUN to your nearest dealer and beg him to sell you a 05. When you get it home and ride it you will join the long list of happy campers out there.. :naughty::naughty::D

what are u wating for awsome bike :naughty:

Go buy one you will not be dissapointed!

Nothing better it has power everywhere,you'll be glad you did,I got one and now I ride like Ricky Carmichael,he's glad he dosen't live in Oklahoma.

An 05 isn't going to put you out front if your a mid pack rider. I've seen some people say the difference if night& day. Not to me its not. To me night & day would be a XR650 to a Suzuki 125.

The 05 turns a bit better and it hits harder down low. But it goes flat sooner up top than my piped & ported 02. Suspension is a tad plusher but just a tad.

I'd say its about 10% better if I had to put a number on it. But I'd be surprised if your (or mine) laps time were more than 3 to 5 % faster (and maybe not even that). I wish my friggin lap timer hadn't pooped out so I could get the real data.

For the $3K difference, a riding school and/or a week or 2 unpaid off work to ride, ride, ride, will make you faster than a new 05 will.

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