RMEC HS points posted!

The first RMEC HS points are now officially posted at: racermec.org

Thanks to Adam for getting them up in record time!!!


I like how you guys posted the number of laps too - helps me figger out which class to race and the class ability seems to be mostly spot on. (seems i can squeeze out 9 laps via vdrmx... started at 7 for my first race - done 3 now!)

The vdrmx hare scramble abilities were all over the place in novice 1-2... some guys running 5 laps, with the 1-2-3 guys running 10 in each of 1 and 2.


I think when the races get to the more single-track woodsy events, the finishing order will shift around.

There are some MX or VDR specialists at these hares scrambles.

I agree with MathProf, as the series moves on to different venues there will be a change in where people place. Inyan Kara is nothing like Berthoud and will test a riders ability to race tight single track and never seeing the same trail twice. No jumps or wide open 5th gear sections.....

Remeber that everyone must race the same class as they have in the RMEC Enduro series! Please no sand baggers!

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