04 KX 250F for 02 YZ 250F

I own an 04 KX 250F and I just recently got the motor ported an polished. It did make a big difference and then I got on my buddys YZ 250F and it felt like the YZ had A LOT more power still. I ride mostly freestyle and motocross and the KXF just isn't cutting it jumping ramps out of tight corners and short runways but the YZ seems as if it wouldn't have a problem. I am seriously considering trading him my bike for his and some cash. What do you guys think that know about the 02 YZF's? Are there any problems or issues with them or are they pretty much bullet proof?


first off, all yzf's are "bullet proof". Second, if you ride free-style why aren't you on a 2 stroke? thrid, maybe the bikes are geared different cause they have the about the same amount of power.

Yeah I am wondering the same thing why arent you rinding a two-stroke?

I've been riding 4-strokes since the yz 400f and have way more experience with them and it's just a personal preference thing. I rode a KX 250 for about a year or so and it was decent but I just like four strokes better. Thanks for the input though I'll check out the gearing and see if that'll make a difference.

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