Magura Clutch Adjustment

When I bought my X it already had a Magura Hydralic clutch...The problem I am having is that when the lever is squeezed in, the bike doesn't totally can feel a slight "pull". It's no big deal when you are riding, but at a stop it's a pain getting in back in neutral.

Do any of you know how to adjust this kind of clutch? Somebody told me last nite that it is a problem with my disks or basket....Any ideas?




Sounds like the basket "fingers" are notched from need to open up the side cover to find out...when the tabs get notched, it won't let the clutch disengage (or engage sometimes) 100%. How many hours did the bike have on it when you got it?

But really, you need to pull the clutch cover and parts for inspection...

It could also have too much free-play at the slave cylinder. Mine came with spacers to adjust it.

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