Strange slapping sound

Hello folks

I've been reading for the last year and have learned alot. You are all my source of info... I have 2003 DRZ400S. I have put on about 4500 km (2300 miles) last year and things seem to be great. However, since about 1000 miles, I somtimes hear a slapping sound from down below ...don't get the wrong idea. It sounds like it might have been the chain, so I tightened it up. Still have the sound. Thought it might be motor knock, so I used Premium gas. Still have the knock. Any ideas ??? Thanks in advance.

it sounds like a cam chain to me. This is just from the info I have read on this board and I may not be correct on this. However, I would look into getting a manual cam chain tensioner from the TTstore. If it is the cam chain slapping around I would not ride the bike untill it is resolved or you could do some major damage to the motor.

Cam chain, maybe. Kinda hard to hear sound via the net... contact TT member Machinist for the best MCCT made. If your ACCT lets go it's gonna grenade your engine.

Good luck :naughty:

Sounds like the same slap I heard now and again. I got a manual chain tensioner from bitechmachine --( check out the site here )

The slap was cured and the motor sounds much smoother now.


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