Who knows their plastics?

The sensor on my Trailtech computer is cracked into 2 pieces, so that the mounting tab is separate from the sensor itself. It should be an easy fix, if only I can figure out what type of plastic it is, so that I use the correct cement. It looks and feels like PVC to me, but I'm really not sure. Any bona fide experts out there?

I could start experimenting with solvents, but I'd prefer to do that only as a last resort.

I would guess it's ABS, but I'm guessing.

I'd just put a light coating of super glue on the edges of the crack and put it back together. I'd run a little down each side of the joint for rigidity.

There is an Epoxy made specials to bond all plastics. It's a two part turns out black tough stuff. You should be able to get it at your local true Value.

it is a grade of ABS plastic. Epoxy will do the trick. Use alcoholl to clean it prior to repair.

If it is in fact ABS, then I know how to deal with it.

I have a fair amount of experience in repairing sportbike fairings, which are typically made of ABS. My local plumbing supply house carries an ABS cement that is comprised of raw ABS resin mixed with MEK (a solvent). When applied to a joint, it actually dissolves a bit of the original material on either side, which mixes with the new resin, and creates a chemical weld.

I've experimented with various universal type plastic glues and epoxies, but never found any to be nearly as durable as a weld.

I emailed Trailtech to see if they can provide a definitive answer on plastic type. If they can't, I've gotten a couple of votes above for ABS, so I'll try a small test spot with my cement and proceed.

Thanks for the input.

Props to Trailtech:

I emailed and asked what kind of plastic the sensor is made of and they said not to bother fixing it .... they'll just send me a new one for no charge, not even shipping.

cool deal. :naughty:

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