Riding spots and friends in San Diego CA

Hey TT'ers, was looking for some good riding grounds in San Diego county area, and possibly a few buddies to ocassionaly hook up and ride.

I have found small areas around Brown Field (not much left like it used to be) and out past the Donovan prison by the mountains. But havent been out east near El Cajon, Santee, Lakeside etc or up north. I have had my XR650L a few months and would like to find a few good sites and maybe some riding partners, anyone interested or know of good Diego locations please post them, and please be specific on location as much as possible to make locating hassle free.

Many thanks in advance :naughty:

Jim in IB

*ps* my back tires getting pretty bad, but I will do my best to keep up...lol

Gonna get a Terra Flex shortly but still doing other mods first :naughty:

Hi Jim, I live in Coronado and will be buying a 05' 650l in a few days. Wouldnt mind hookin' up and doin some exploring in the coming weeks.....


P.S. anybody got any good advice before I go drop $5-6g's? thanks! :naughty:

I will be buying a 05' 650l in a few days.

P.S. anybody got any good advice before I go drop $5-6g's? thanks! :naughty:

get the "R" :D unless you are planning on doing a lot of pavement riding JMHO :naughty:

Hi Jim, I also ride a XRL. The only real legal spot around San Diego is Corral Canyon out past Alpine on the 8 freeway. I ride there most weekends. In the summer we start around 8am to beat the heat. Its alot of fun : You park at the Pine Valley Exit, and you ride on the south side of the 8. Its about 50 miles from IB. Im always looking for new people to ride with. Let me know. CHEERS.

If you local guys PM me your number I will call you and chat so we can ride sometime.

Giant, I was gonna buy a new 05 and was at South Bay Motorsports looking at them. I went to school with the General Manager, but he was on vacation that day. So the next morning... being friday I picked up the Cycle Trader in the early AM.

It was New Years Eve, and this dude in Chula Vista (original owner) had my 2003 XR650L with just 600mi for sale. Not a scratch to speak of and not really even broken in. He bought it for $6500.00, 12 months earlier (I found the original sales contract in the red tool bag)...from a local dealer.

He was asking $5,000 and I had just sold my 96cbr900rr the day before for $4,000 so I did some hard convincing and he fell for it and I stole the minty fresh BRP for 4k.

I would try scanning the Trader and you may score a sweet deal, either way let me know and I will help you in uncorking etc...

I am 40 with 3 lil ones so the L model fits me better since sometimes I just wanna cruise the beaches etc, then hit the trails when time permits :naughty:

*ps* Dude even threw in a helmet, gloves and bike cover even though its been garaged since new..he he

I'm up here in Escondido. Anyway, what terrain are you looking for? Single track/ challenging trails or fire road type stuff?

There's 4-5 of us that ride in the mountains across from Lawrence Welk Resort (Couple miles north of Escondido). Lots of fun rocky single track loops. You can drop down on a trail to the 15, or drop out into the backside of Vista. One of us usually posts in the DS forum when we plan on riding. :naughty: BTW, my 600 handles the terrain pretty good out there. Obviously a lighter bike would be easier, but when in trouble in the steep stuff, just gas it :naughty:

As far as fireroad/adv. touring type stuff, theres dirt roads up and down Palomar on both sides, those are fun. I need to try them on the KLR. I also know there are roads out through Romona. There is also the De Luz truck trail/Fallbrook area where you can ride all the way to Corona via dirt. Never tried that, but want to sometime soon. Shoot me a Pm when you want to go exploring.

View from one of the mountains out by LW:


Road up the NE side of Palomar:


The new KLR out by Lake Hodges:


I ride and race here in SD area quite frequently, hitting the dez tommorrow and have next week off, Live in Pacific Beach.

Allways down to ride with new people!

On of these days we'll have to all doa Corral cyn run!

The LO-Cal TT ride!!!

Pm me if you can get out next week i'll show ya around!


Hey Roccafellaranger, I live down here in Poway. Could ya tell me about the Laurence Welk ride? Where do you start etc? I would love to learn a place closer to home. Maybe we could hookup one weekend to ride. Also would love to ride the Corona trail. Im heading down to Ensenada today with family and friends to camp and ride around Baja. To Mikes Sky Ranch and back is awesome fun :naughty: Going to test out my new GPS, need a mount though. CHEERS , :naughty: KIWIWAY :

Hey Justice,

Yeah I've been to southbay motorsports, sales guy rubbed me the wrong way....."if your not buying today i don't want to talk" can you believe that :naughty: So anyway thanks for the offer to help with setting up the BRP!

Cant wait to get on it! Oh, and this is a really hip site with alot of cool people,

thanks for letting me be a part of it. Once again, if anybody has any last reminders/tips before buying the "pig" I am all ears. My only real concern is the bike height. I am vertically challenged

5'8", what about a lowering link? Think it would work for me?

I am 6ft and they are tall, they sell a rear link by Kubiak I think...lost the site. It lowers the rear like 1.5-2in and then you slide the forks up through the clamps in the front, lowers it level and way easier to mount and handle. It feels illeagel on the Hooligan honda on the street up in the wind like they come, but I like it :naughty:

gotta work this weekend maybe a ride on next would work... 4/16 or 4/17 let me know if any you guys wanna romp.


Just move to SD a couple of months ago so I don't really know all the dirt spots. It would be cool if I could join some of you guys for some dirt or trail riding. Bought a XRL not too long ago mainly for city commuting but I think it's time to get the pig dirty. Please PM or e-mail me if you guys don't mind me tagging along. Thanks!

fuct heh hehe ya you come hook up sometime...

actually i'll be at plaster city east, ou t the 8 ocotillo area friday15-sunday17.

there is a district 38 race sunday morning

youre all welcome to come out for the weekend or what ever, the races are ussually pretty cool. saturday will just be warming up no real fast or long rides...unless someone pulls a shady pass then it heats up!

PM me or post here i'll give you directions


Man...sounds like mad fun. But I sold my truck last year due to gas prices (F250 4x4) and thats a long ride on the road to get there, chit !

fuct, will call ya this week see if ya wanna cruise a bit local next sat or sun


Miguelitro, thanks for the invite. Will try and head out there if I get a chance.

Jimbo, give me call if you want to do a local ride this weekend. I'm near SDSU, where are you located?

Hey fuct, I just got a new pipe (white bros e series)and the jets should be here by weekend, so I am hoping to do some modding and riding this weekend.

I am in Imperial Beach off Palm ave...


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