225 1st Gear

Does anyone else have trouble sometimes shifting into 1st gear or is it just me? I'm at a light with my road-worthy ttr225 and think I'm in 1st only to let the clutch out and not go anywhere...it seems I have to hammer down to get into 1st. Not good. Anybody else experience this?

no i havent had any trouble with mine i ride the 125 but my step dad rides the 225 and hasnt had any problems :naughty:

:naughty: I have a 04 ttr225 I don't have any prob's with first, but I would get that looked at if I were you cause a lot of hammering that shifter and it's bound to snap cause there kinda cheap, my buddy has a ttr125 and he snapped his from hammerin down to much............Good Luck :naughty:

i bent my shifter out to a 90 deegree angel and it didnt snap, even when i bent it back with no heat (i was on the trail to far awaf from tools) it hasnt broke yet.

ya i fell on the left side of my bike and at the time i didnt know it and i went to shift into second and it got stuck on the crankcase and put a few scratches and a goudge in it :naughty:

Try rolling it a little. I have realized that this helps get into first. The reason its easy to shift 2,3, etc is b/c it is moving

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