Any differences in '04 and '05 TT-R250's

I've begun looking around dealers in the area for a new TT-R250 and have come across a couple of leftover '04's. Are there any differences between the '04 and '05 model? I'm just wondering how much cheaper I should look to try and get a leftover model for. Thanks!

I think they are the same. Maybe the sticker kit is a little different. But everything else is the same.

didnt they do somthing to the frame to make them lighter??? i may be wrong but i dont know!

I would say that the resale value of a new 2005 -vs- a new 2004 would be at least a few hundred dollars. I would probably offer $3750 or less for a new 2004 and $4000 or less for a new 2005.

nope.. they haven't messed with them things in a dogs age.. just changed up the graphics every year. but performance wise and everything else its all the same.. the lightened up the 225/230 a lot but nothing than the 250

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