DRZ header help

Hey I need some advice, I have a white bros pip and I am running the old header on it. It is starting to rust a bit and I wanted to replace it with something better any sugestions?

Buy a "E" header from www.ronayers.com for about $120. Search through their micro fiche.

Do you use an E header? If so did you see any performance gains?


I have a Yosh slip on and installed an E head pipe. Can't say I noticed any difference at all. Surely not as noticeable as the slip on change, or the hot cam change, or the E base gasket change, or the 3X3 Dynojet change..........

I read somewere that a good header will give you a boost in bottom end power. Does anybody know anything about that. Or should I just replace the stock one for much cheaper?

The head pipe is very restrictive in either the S or E (3mm larger in diameter). A good after market (muzzy or yosh) full system will provide you with significant gains. Not in overall hp, but in responsiveness. Properly jetted and with a muzzy system changed my bike from day to night.

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