ttr 250 - - octane

What is the best octane to use for a stock 05 ttr 250? If I spend the extra few pennies for 91 octane will I notice a difference?

I like the higher octane stuff. I use 93% here in TX.

I use the higher octane fuel as it has more additives and keeps the motor cleaner and the higher octane helps prevent knocking/pinging.

I use 93 octane hi-test but haven't tried the lower octane so I can't say if it would knock on it or not.

It runs ok with 87 but I think it requires 91. My friend brought gas with octane booster in it last time out. Don't know what the octane was but I noticed the bike ran cooler and the throttle response was crisper.

I've been running VP 100 octane in my 90, it's like 4.50 a gal. but 2 gallons lasts forever! I wouldn't be too concerned with pinging because of the low compression of the stock motor. If you have a different piston in then it might make a difference power-wise, but other than that the only gain is the crispy-ness and the cleanliness. motor-on

Thanks for your replies. I am going to bump it up to 91. :naughty:

Hell $4.50/gal aint to far from our gas prices now!!!

We should have a free oil pipeline from Saudi and Kuwayt after saving thier butts.. Thats my $0.2..

yea.. as already stated the octane will burn cleaner, keeping your motor cleaner and it will run cooler.. the dealer told me to use 91 octane and thats all thats been put in it since day 1. my friend with an xr100 uses low grade and i think most of my otherfriends do also. but you wont notice any performance difference

Well as for me and my household, we burn the cheap stuff. (And get more power to boot...) I'm pretty sure that the manual states that 86 or 87 is the min. The higher the octane the more controlled the burn is (and slower) which makes it more predictable, allowing you to advance the engine timing for maximum power. BUT, our bikes are set to work with low octane gas. So, running higher octane gas in them actually causes combustion to be slower and with the stock timing that means LESS power. If you could bump up the timing a little (advance it) then yes high octane would be a benifit but with a stock ignition curve you're actually paying more for less power.

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