I know............another jetting question.....

I'm sure everyone is tired of answering questions in relation to jetting. But please one more time.

I have the 400e and my snorkle is out. I have the FMF Power Core IV with the Power Bomb Header. FMF suggest using a 165 main jet. However they don't help you any further. I put the 165 in and it took away the hesitation at mid throttle but not completely. I then set the clip on 4 and then turn the fuel mixure screw out 2 1/2 turns. It is running pretty strong but I steal have a little(very little) hesitation at mid throttle. I am sure it needs only fine ajustments to perfect it. Any able to help?

stock is clip 4,go to clip 5.

Hey Burned, thanx bud for the useful info. bike always rides differently at night then during the day. so tomarrow I will tear it up :naughty:

I have the same setup needle clip position (5)and all the mods 2 1/2 turns out fuel screw but I used a 162 main I still have the same pause at mid and off idle to wide open it just dies out.

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