Made the mistake of asking my dealer the price of a 450X..

I was planning on waiting till next year, but when he said $6695, Man I was tempted :naughty: But Ive put too much $ into my 04, this year stage 1 Hot cam and stainless valves....Plus all the stuff I did to make it X like, Now I'm thinking Ill just keep it even if I do get the X next year, (spare?). My dealer said originally he was only going to get 2 of the X's, then he searched dealers and got two more, after that Honda upped the availability and now he has six of them. OH patients :D One more year to get the bike Ive been waiting 20 years for Honda to build... :naughty:

It's only money,go for it! who knows you may not be here next year.

I just finally got my 450x and love it now I have to figure out how to keep the frount wheel on the ground lol....

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