Revised QuicKtrack WOW!!!

I just came from the track, and saw the evolution from GP style to American style, :D it's hardly the same track, it will be run in reverse with a twist, a couple new sections, couple new step downs bigger tables more speed, new step up, Like I said pretty much Brand New track, Looks great, hope to see everyone though out the weekend. :naughty::naughty:

Any pixs? Still newbie friendly?

I'll try to take some track pics this weekend and get them up for you to see. I'm not too crazy about the one step down. Before they reversed it and it was a step up, it scared the crap outta me. A bit too steep for my newbie self, but the rest was okay. Now I hear it's alot different.

Still newbie friendly, tapered out some of the step down landings it's about 75% done should be completely done by next weekend, just a few BIG jumps "tabletops" to do.

You will have the honor of schooling me tomorrow!! :naughty: See ya bright and early for the class. You better be bringing your bike too. :naughty:

We just got back from there. Not to bad at all. It was great not have 5000 people trying to ride at the same time. We will be back. :naughty:

I was there yesterday and it awesome. It seems to be alot faster now than before. The class was good too. Sometimes you don't realize that you're doing something wrong until its pointed out.

YZ250F Rider-Next time you go, let us know so we can meet up with you! Glad you liked it.

will do.

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