XR80 exhaust

is there a way to remove the baffle on an 86 xr80 exhaust? would it offer improved performance? would it hurt the performance?

It would piss off the folks next to you more than anything else, and may keep you out of the forrest because you would not have a spark arrester.

The only way would be with a torch.

Doesn't really help performance just makes it really load.

i dont care about pissing people off, because i ride mostly on the powerlines near contruction companies/an industrial park. is flame cutting the only way to remove the baffle? could i drill or grind it out somehow? i saw on SoCal's website that someone removed the baffle on an XR100 and did a homemade exhaust tip. this is what i would like to do, until i can afford a powercore4 system.

before you go and do a lot of work ... call TT and get a price on a big gun exhaust. Then get the jetting guide from Big Gun and rejet. The process will take you less than two hours to complete ... very inexpensive ... and you will notice the power difference right away. If you have any problems with the clutch then look at getting an adjutable clutch (about $20). If you are going to jump your bike much then get a BBR frame cradle. Hope some of this helps you ... your bike will scream for an XR80.

LOL, lets all go trespass on the powerlines and constuction companies with baffle free bikes.

All this time I have been trying to toe the line on public trails, theres a whole world of free-for-all riding out there!!!!

No one will notice...............


quixote, i have permisson from the land owners, who are riders as well. :naughty: and tapoutgapler, i will definitly think about that.

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