more dez 100 pics... poker run and minis, race pics on the way

I've have finished working on the pics I took from the poker run and mini's race and have uploaded them.

I tried to get a picture of nearly all the mini's, so there is a bunch there. If you have a son/daughter in the race I probably have a picture of them in the mini's gallery.

I'll be working on pics from Sunday's race and the race awards and hope to have them up over the next few days.

here is the link:


trav, my word, brother. Where on earth did you learn to take such terrific photos??? Was it something you learned or natural talent? These images are some of the best I have seen.

Looking forward to seeing pics from the race and awards.

Absolutely great pictures Trav :naughty:

awesome pics man! i even found a pic with me and some friends in it! you really captured the feel of the event!

thanks for the comments. I recently bought a really nice lens, so that helped a lot, and I've worked this over in photoshop a bit too to try and bring them out some and correct for all the dust.

Nice photos Trav. It's great to be able to see what everyone else is up to in the world of PAC NW offroad.


Great pics of a GREAT event.



Wow Trav! Nice. That new lens looks like its working awesome for you. The pic quality is amazing.

I like this one. I have GOT to get my girls mini bikes this spring.


And I remember Tory from the NMA telling me that one of the guys that used to work on the NMA newsletter got a job with one of the dirt bike magazines, I think taking pics. I can't remember for sure. mrudy might know the details.

If you keep it up you could be looking at a cool career move bro!

And that is awesome that you took the time to get some many pics, especially of the young ones. Very cool! :naughty:

And great job stumpies! It must be huge amount of work to pull that off.

Hey Trav...ya got a great pic of me, picture number 26 of 109...anyway I can get a copy of that file?

anyway I can get a copy of that file

there is a "Save Photo" link on the pics, just click that and you can save the original resolution file to your comptuer.

THX FOR THE PICTURES. they were sweet. i was in the picture but my head was down :naughty: o well it was fun. Thx for the pictures.

Nice job Trav... Looks like the new gear works well. :naughty:

I have a feeling if you were in ride shape there would not be as many killer photos. :naughty:

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