3x3 mod AGAIN!

Convince me to do the mod! I have my DJ kit in hand (TT store) and a 140 main jet

at sea level.

reading the instuctions, with stock air box it states use 130 mj

Has anybody done it with the stock box, than modded to 3x3?

is the intake noise annoying? is there a noticable amount more power/ throttle response?

or just perceived increase due to noise?

I ran the air box open on my 01 in the dirt and it didnt bother me.

Thanks :naughty:

IMO Do the mod it is worth the time in added performance. and no the intake noise is not annoying. Actuall I never even noticed any change in sound in mine. Yes you will notice a chance in performance. IMO this is the least expensive mod to the DR that makes the most change. As far as it just being a percieved change perception dosnt lift the front wheel :naughty:

You need to buy a different pilot jet (25) and probably a new main jet than comes with the kit for it to be really effective. If done correctly is will really wake-up an S. As far as convincing you to it...make your own choice 'cause I sure don't give a rat's ass if you do it or not...Read Bronc's and Burned's DRZ FAQ and jetting article at the top of the forum. Good luck... :naughty:

The 140 you stated you have is the correct main for the mod however you will need the 25 pilot.

the 3"x3" along with the dj needle & spring & re-jetting(also did pipe @ same time)were the best mods per $ for me. it was a good day. the bike ripped.

get an extended fuel screw, a 25 pilot & a 140 main if your running stock exhaust. use stock main for aftermarket full exhaust.

jetting specs are from http://drz.info/drz

sorry, i cannot give you a link. don't be afraid, it will only make the bike run stronger.

well lookie there, i can give you link????

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