2 Questions 1 Riding related 1 GS Class related

So this past weekend in my 5th race ever I got 4th place! I was pumped, in my second moto I held a guy off for 3+ laps till he passed me in the last turn of the 4th lap and left me like I was standing still (I am racing 30+ Beg and found out he is just racing the class to get back into it after an injury...he was just pushing me) He told me that I was going great but he noticed I slowed down before a single jump about the size of a whoop that leads into a tight 180 turn. Well the reason I was doing that is because in moto 1 when I was trying to catch him I tried taking that in 4th (I was taking it in 3rd) and I shot right over the banked turn off the track. He said something about jumping "into" the turn...I haven't seen anything like this in GS's motocrosstrainingcenter.com. Do I start outside and kind jump at an angle like I was entering the turn??

Also about the GS school...do they have any schools in the network on the westcoast?? Or are there bikes at the school to rent or borrow...I live in AZ and thats a long way to bring a bike in the back of my truck.

Also I guess a 3rd question...is a C rider a Beg? Or a Novice?? In otherwords do I need to get better before I goto class...it says the classes are for B/C riders.

i'm not sure about the first two questions but i know that where C class is beginner/novice.

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