Exhaust Modification Results

I got a stock E exhaust. I made a nice little bracket that mounts to the same to 2 holes the S pipe buddy peg bracket uses. I then drilled one more hole in my bracket right behind and slightly higher than the bottom screw to mount to the E exhaust. I had to use hex head screws and lock washers because the bottom two holes are real close together.

I had never messed with my S exhaust as far as the end cap mod. However on the E exhaust I did the end cap mod leaving the spark arrester in place. I then took a long chisel and punched out the middle baffle in the exhaust. I have a long extension drill chuck and could easily drill out the front muffler restricter but I don't want to do this at this time in fear of making the exhaust too loud.

I have not noticed any top end power improvements with this E exhaust over my S. Call me crazy but I think I notice a slight low end torque increase. I really like the sound of this exhaust now. It's not much louder and I don't notice much more noise on acceleration but on de-acceleration it makes a nice low rumble.

One mistake I made was that I painted the header pipe. The header didn't need paint but the muffler did and I painted them both at the same time with 600 F paint. The paint has peeled of the header and I have now bought 1200 F paint. My supervisor told me 1200 F may not be hot enough. He told me NAPA makes 2000 F paint for headers. I will have to check into that.

I used 1200f when I painted my stock header and it came out just fine. I put no lie 10 coats.

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