Got my Magura "jack" clutch today but have a question

Well I got it for the TT store.It was the cheapest price out there and not to mention it was the 05 style with the carbon fiber line and beefed up slave cylinder.Well I got it on and it works.The one thing I am worried about is the freeplay in the unit.It says there is supposed to be 2-4mm of freeplay in the unit but it seems I have almost NO freeplay in the unit at all.There is freeplay in the clutch lever but not with the rod in the slave cylinder.The clutch seems to be engaging all the way but is there anyway I can check to make sure its engaging all the way?

So far I rode the bike for a little and the clutch pull is incredible.Its soo light even with stiffer clutch springs.Every bike I buy in the future will have I magura clutch on it.

I had the Magura clutch on my 02 for 3 years and I have very little play at the slave cylinder. I wouldn't worry about it.

OK good.I PMed magura on the subject and they said that the freeplay aids the self adjusting feture of the clutch.They told me to wind the adjuster on the clutch lever al the way in and run the bike thru the gears and check the free play and then take the adjuster all the way out and ride thru the gear and check it again to see it that is the problem.

BTW Magura has a great customer service!

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