tool for mixture scew

:naughty: Does anyone make a screwdriver small enough to ajust the fuel mixture? Is there a Suzuki part number for a special tool.... Thinking I might have to put on aftermarket adjuster on it.

I am totally happy with the bike(just got it). Did the Airbox mod and put in a 165 main jet runs strong but can't adjust the damn screw :naughty:

I never adjusted the screw, or saw it on our bikes, but maybe an eyeglass repair kit screwdriver would work? or one of those screwdrivers ground down to a smaller size? Like I said, I never adjusted that screw on these bikes, but I am just trying to throw ideas out.....

Good luck, let us know what works.

which carb? BSR or FCR?

This is why so many of us use extended fuel/ air screws

There is a screw driver made to fit it, but I can't remember who makes it. Easier to just put an extended fuel screw in it.

Nothing made will work. If you are very creative and have a lathe and mill you can make something that will work. I did. Even then, the extended screw works better. You can make your own extended screw if you want.

I saw one burned has that works. Not home made either.

Keintech extended airscrew. Is that what you are talking about. I think that's the one that Jesse makes. prairiedawg :naughty:

I made a 1" screwdriver with a thick piece of hose on the end for a grip. it works ok and was cheap but the kientech screw is much much better.

I saw one burned has that works. Not home made either.

it works on the BSR.wont fit in on the FCR.

Ah, that I did not know. Thanks again for enlightening me!

I assumed he had a FCR since he referenced a 165MJ. Guess the extended fuel screw, even with it's inexact taper, is the best bet for the FCR?

the fuel screw for the fcr doesnt have the same works fine.

I made a small screwdriver into a really small screwdriver. I cut the end off one that was too long and sunk it into a 1 inch long by 3/4 oak dawl (for a handle) with epoxie.

Thanks for the replies, will try the Kientech extended screw. Its an fcr, and I spent 20 bucks on screw drivers today and still nothing!

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