Ahh Not Another Exhaust Question

Looking to replace my stock muffler with something that has some bling to it.

Was thinking about the new Big Gun system but I haven't seen anything about them yet other than the drawing on their home page.

Anyone tried the Arrow Alumilite muffler? http://www.arrow.it/eng/catalogo/linee.asp?idLinea=83

looks pretty good , does it come with a header? or is it a slip on.

I run a Jardine full system and really like it. Freshly packed runs 95 dbs.

bike pulls very hard off the bottom , healthy mid range , and a little extra on top. :naughty::naughty:

Ended up getting a Leo Vince X3 slip-on :naughty: since there isn't a distributor of Arrow cans in Canada.:naughty: Didn't want to do the cross border thing again. So if you Canadians are interested, better hurry there is only 1 left in Canada. Sounds like the distributor has stopped importing them.

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