TC 450 can

Just thought I would throw this out here instead of the classifieds. Have a 05 TC can for sell. Never run it is an open baffle unlike the TE. P M me for info if interested.

Check your PM. :naughty:

I have one as well same thing 04 TC 450 rip roaring can in Ti, if someone wants 2!!

Just bought the Doma can. Not impressed.

Wish you guys had posted earlier.

TE guys wanting to race can use the TC can.

Can you send me a price Robertaccio. Is the difference only the baffle?

T h doma system sucks. I got one and sent it back. Its not ti and looks weak. The welds are poorly done and the reveal for the shock/frame is over done, even the collector is weak I took both stock cans apart and installed the spark arrester portion in the open can. Works great passes teck and actually runs a little crisper on the bottom while maintaining the same top. The stock headpipe is the best Ive seen.

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