2003 dr650 &%$#@ base gasket


I own a 2003 dr 650. :naughty::naughty::D

It has just 4000km and has an oil leak from the base gasket, on the backside.

I was lucky and a suzuki dealership took it back during the last week of warranty.

The problem is, I learned that all the dr650 from 1996 to 2004 have the same defect because of the crappy paper gasket.

I asked the suzuki mechanic if he was going to put a copper gasket (since 2004), or if he was going to put the paper gasket again. He said he has to replace the part with the same gasket as the bike originaly came with. In conclusion, it will certainly leak again from there, since the paper gasket is defective.

What can I do???

Offer to buy the correct gasket, and if they won't install it, go to a different dealer. Making sure of course that this dealer KNOWS you won't be back...ever.

That's friggin ridiculous,he has to replace the original defective gasket with the another defective gasket?!?!

I cant believe Suzuki wont recall this problem. 9 damn years of incompetence.A problem like this wouldn't go on for almost a decade with a GSX-R, but because us DR owners don't number in the thousands they say screw us.

We should start a nation wide petition and send it to headquarters.

With my 99 DR650 I changed the base gkt at 4000km, and installed the same original paper gkt because I was not aware this was a problem , and that there was a new gkt available.

When I changed the original gkt it looked like it had been bent or folded before it was installed , I thought that was the cause of the failure.

I now have 21,000km on the bike and the gasket has not failed yet. The bike gets hard use also.

Well what about the '05's ? Has Suzuki remedied this problem for this year I wonder?

I thought 2003 was the year the better gasket started. My 2001 just started leaking at 3500 mi. - Not looking forward to that job.

Hi mate, don't know if it'll help you but when building sumps i've always put a liberal smearing of silicone sealant (same gear as you use in the bathroom!!) and never had one leak yet so if you ever do it yerself give it a try.

MY 2003 came with the improved gasket with the tabs luckily.

I dont think Suzuki sells the old style gaskets, they have been superceeded by new part #'s, twice.

If it makes you feel any better I have to do my '96 this month before our 9 day DS tour in June.

After less than 4000 miles my dr650 sprung a base gasket leak. I left the head attached to the cylinder so I didn't need to replace the head gasket and removed all the old base gasket and left it off. I used Three Bond 1104 and no base gasket and now have 24000 miles on it and it's still dry.

you must have gotten a bump in compression without the gasket, notice any difference?

I am still in breakin period from my base gasket job on my 2001 DR650. It didn't leak til 12,000 miles. Now I see the valve cover is leaking. That gasket leaked when I bought it (1,100 miles). Hopefully the dealer will let me finish the season then bring it in. I was happy with the repair, $300 for the base gasket rings and a valve job, til I found the leak. Serves me right for being lazy and letting someone else do the job

I'm not sure the mechanic's conclusion is correct unless they have a bunch of old gaskets in stock. The base gasket has been superseded. If they order it, they will get the updated gasket. If you want to be safe, order it yourself and see if you get the one with the grommet-looking tabs.


Glendale area, Calif

Well, if they replace it under warrenty, & it fails again, they will fix it again (hopefully with the good gasket) Mine failed at 1,500 miles, & they put in the good one under warrenty.

My '02 leaked and I replaced it with the new metal gasket. It wasn't difficult and was a good opportunity to look things over and match up the castings and manifold. Grind out the weld inside the header pipe while your at it. There's free horsepower there.

It sounds like a crap shoot...I have a 2003 with the metal gasket...no probs, but only 1700 miles (used to travel for my job, hence the low miles)

Here's what you need to see if you have the metal gasket:


That's friggin ridiculous,he has to replace the original defective gasket with the another defective gasket?!?!

I cant believe Suzuki wont recall this problem. 9 damn years of incompetence.

Agreed, Does Suzuki have their head up their ass on this one ? My 03 DR650 started leaking about a month ago with 7000 miles on it. I'm pissed off :thumbsup: that I paid 4000.00 + for this bike and have babied it all this time only to incurr a 400.00 plus repair bill. I've always admired the quality of suzuki products, but I guess they are no better than anybody else. :thumbsup:

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