Exhaust Shield

I continue to burn boots and pants up with my new Big Gun headers back exhaust. Is there an aluminum or steel bolt on plate to insulate my leg/pants from the exhaust pipes to save money on new gear???? :excuseme::naughty::naughty::D:D:D:cry::D:D:p:p:D:D:D:D:busted::busted::busted::mad::mad::mad::lol::D:D:D:D:D:excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme:

you could buy some header wrap tape. its what the old hot roders used.

it keeps the exhaust gas from cooling in the header, which causes it the gas to contract, becoming more dense, and thus harder to move.

Use Moroso or Design Engineering 1 in wide exhaust wrap, it works better on the smaller diameter and tighter bends on bikes. TT only carries 2in, last I checked.


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