Less Bog

Today when I started my bike I cranked up the idle higher than usual and rode. I always have run my idle fairly low because I thought no need to work the engine any more than I have to. WOW! It really helped with the bog. Before it was fairly substantial but now it feels alot better. I switch back and forth and its like night and day. This alone makes the bike feel much better, I can't imagine what the pumper carb makes it like.

It's funny to me to hear you say you figured it would be less work for the engine having a low idle. Seems like more to me. The constant engine braking going on when idle is set low and I let off the throttle drives me nuts. I prefer a higher idle so the bike coasts a little better without so much engine braking, but I suppose it depends on your riding type and style.

You'll find that keeping it set a little higher will also help the bike start better cold.

you have increased the vaccuum signal or vacuum flow through the carb. this increases the fuel flow so when you crank the throttle there is sufficient fuel flow to prevent bog. kind of like starting a drag race from idle or holding the brakes and revving the engine to 4000 RPM then mashing the gas and releasing the brake.

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