hi all i think im going to pull my baffle tomorrow but my question is will this richen it or lean it out...of course if it leans it out im not going to do it but if it richens it up it cant hurt can it?....if i do this and wait to put the power up kit in later will it hurt my bike in any way?...thanks in advance

You'll make it leaner. If it's backfiring a lot then it's way lean. What happens running lean is it gets real hot. First thing to happen is you burn the exhaust valves & maybe even damage the head around the valves. Burned valves will lower the compression of the bike & you'll have less power but it will still run.

If it's not backfiring bad you can run it on the lean side with out hurting it.

So, do you feel lucky?


:naughty::naughty: You can get away with removing the small black noise reducing baffle inside the tip of the stock chrome spark arrester baffle with no real ill affects, it's held in by one torx type bolt on the lower right side of the tip. It will still run ok and sound allot better.

Good luck

Bill G

I ran my 230 with the exhaust baffle only removed for months. There was a noticeable increase in performance, and it sounded better too. All I had to do was open the fuel mixture screw out another turn to make it run even better.

When I removed the airbox "snorkel", there was a noticeable DECREASE in performance!! (Too lean!) A richer needle clip position and A bigger main jet cured that.

Good luck!

so coeshow it wont hurt my bike im planning on putting the power up kit on this summer

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