changing tires

well yesterday i got a flat so i took it to a local shop. my friend told me that the shop changed his tire for 5 bucks so i figured 5 bucks was easier than fighting a tire for a long time. well i got the tire back today and they "that'll be 38 dollars" i was like WHAT :naughty::D

ive had the bike for almost a year and have learned to fix/replace everything that wears out except tires. i think i need to learn how to do that now

so does anybody know of some good tire irons that i need. how many should i get.. if i really need a tire stand, and could anybody give me a good procecure on how to change them

thanks :naughty:

Two big irons and a five gallon bucket. Cost $25.

I would have told them to pound sand. If they told you $5 then tallied it up to $38, find the guy who told you $5 and hold him too it.

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